In the current modern business environment, individuals are changing the usage of technology from computer to smartphone or tablet. By using mobile devices can deliver a real-time push from anywhere and anytime. With the need of mobility,why don't we bring our work into mobile devices.

ec.Job is a cross-platform app which using the advance mobility technology, individuals not only can bring the work, schedule and document into their own mobile devices, but also taking the attendance, location checking etc. enterprise can apply different function module to fit their own use.



Business Management Software Development for Enterprises

Mobile Application Development

System Integration

Provide customized management solutions and system development for enterprises, including real-time communication, task distribution management, attendance service, data collection, etc.

Provide mobile application development services for various industries, support IOS, Android system development.

The open integrated management service platform can provide equipment access services for enterprises, enable different devices to be monitored on the same platform, and improve management efficiency.